Sparking Up the Sky with Drones & Live Entertainment

By November 1, 2018 News

As drones become capable of autonomous flight they begin to transform our world within live performances and entertainment. This year we have seen more drones then ever, working together to display magical visualizations in the night sky. 

During Odesza’s set at Coachella 2018 the show began with a live performance of 420 drones sparking up the night sky. Which flew synchronized in order to display Odesza’s iconic logo.

Followed by Canada’s very own, Drake.

Drake's Elevate Tour

Drake’s Elevate Tour









During his Elevate tour, Drake put on his very own live drone experience. Enclosed under a protective screen used for the audiences’ safety and as projection screens to produce a holographic effects, the drones flew over the stage while he bounced around.

The performances that happen inside can become one of the most complex operations to fulfill. Outside, drones are capable of connecting to over 20 satellites to increase stability with the onboard GPS. When drones are brought inside, there are even more variables that come into picture, such as magnetic interference, insufficient satellites, and various obstructions that drones can collide with.

The drones used during these performances are capable of emitting over 4 billion colours of powerful LED lights, which are custom built, programmed and designed specifically for each show. The drones are capable of a 20 minute flight-time that requires only one person to control using sophisticated software.

Most of the recent performances such as Odesza’s Coachella 2018 was powered by Intel’s drone technology. They have put on multiple live performances around the world.

Other Intel drone shows:

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